Sunday, 12 October 2008

Wreak Havoc - s/t demo 2008

Ok so I got an email from this band from Ohio called Wreak Havoc, asking me to put their Demo on the blog, theyve put it up for free download. Just love cool stuff like this, so here it is, check em out and add em on myspace, it's pretty good stuff.

1. Gloomy Days and Our Down Trodden Youth (2:55)
2. My Career Path of Ashes (1:37)
3. Doomed Soulless and Shipwrecked (2:08)
4. New Kings of Dead Towns (1:24)
5. When Friendship Turns To Competition (1:39)
6. Your Series of Death Sentences (3:21)

Download here -

Band Myspace -


All Year Summer said...

this is good stuff..!

michael. said...

This is awesome!! Definitely going to be purchased.

Would you be able to post Abandon Everything?