Monday, 23 June 2008


Aside from Faded Grey and Curl Up And Die, very few groups have risen to become favorites outside of the Strip. That's all about to change though. Named after the maximum-security correctional facility in California, Folsom titled their debut disc, "Soundtrack To Prison Riots Across America," and have lived up to their rough and tumble reputation, on record, on stage and in the streets. With a full length demo in 2002 and a recently released split with Your Mistake, Folsom really have begun to build a name for themselves, and they continue to stab at success with the violent bloodletting that is their latest on Spook City Records. Relentless, brutal and ready to break your face into a thousand pieces. Each laced with double bass bombast, bone cracking chords, harsh vocals and tales of Suicide Krew life.

After forming in 1999, Pound For Pound have been working hard to spread their take no shit attitude and bleak outlook on life, complete with a soundtrack of brutal, no nonsense hardcore. Heavy and to the point angst filled music for fans of Agnostic Front, Merauder, Skarhead, 100 Demons, & Sick of it All. The 2nd full length from these Illinois heavyweights and features 11 songs clocking in at almost 28 minutes.

Download Folsom "S/T" and "If You're a Viper" in 1 RAR file here -

Download Pound for Pound "For our Fallen Brothers" Here -

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