Monday, 30 June 2008

WAIT IN VAIN - Seasons

WAIT IN VAIN has emerged in the Northwest as one of the most dynamic bands in the hardcore scene today. Their passion, intensity, and anger is spreading like wild fire worldwide. The band, as described by former TRIAL frontman Greg Bennick, "is both a reminder of the past and a vision of what is to come: the return of hardcore that feels dangerous and potentially lethal to the status quo."

Fronted by Timm McIntosh, formerly of TRIAL (Equal Vision Records) and CHAMPION (Bridge 9 Records), WAIT IN VAIN has a voice that has been a part of the uprise, continuation, and return of Seattle Straight Edge hardcore. Lyrically, the band unleashes an intelligent onslaught of messages covering many social and political issues with an emphasis on self-reliance and a need for action toward an uncaring world. With Roger Kilburn (LOVE IS RED / SINKING SHIPS) and Chris Jacobsen (SET YOUR GOALS) on guitars, WAIT IN VAIN is driven by dynamic musicianship which sets them apart from many of the run-of-the-mill acts in hardcore today. Drums on "Seasons" were tracked by Alexei Rodriguez who is known from his work with TRIAL (Equal Vision Records) and WALLS OF JERICHO (Trustkill Records).

All of the "ex-member" sugar coating aside, WAIT IN VAIN makes it known to everyone, no matter if you're familiar with the members' past or not, that they have a grasp on hardcore music and culture.
Not only have the members been a part of some of the most influential hardcore bands of the last 15 years, but WAIT IN VAIN proves their work is far from over. See for yourself on July 8th, 2008 when "Seasons," the debut full length from WAIT IN VAIN, is released by Think Fast! Records.

01. Another Year ( 3:46)
02. Q And ... ( 1:17)
03. Forget Me Not ( 2:26)
04. A Blind Eye ( 2:34)
05. Seasons ( 4:42)
06. Passions Just Like Mine ( 2:46)
07. Puritan ( 2:35)
08. Original Sin ( 2:49)
09. The Fix ( 2:56)
10. White Picket Fences ( 1:48)

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Monday, 23 June 2008


Aside from Faded Grey and Curl Up And Die, very few groups have risen to become favorites outside of the Strip. That's all about to change though. Named after the maximum-security correctional facility in California, Folsom titled their debut disc, "Soundtrack To Prison Riots Across America," and have lived up to their rough and tumble reputation, on record, on stage and in the streets. With a full length demo in 2002 and a recently released split with Your Mistake, Folsom really have begun to build a name for themselves, and they continue to stab at success with the violent bloodletting that is their latest on Spook City Records. Relentless, brutal and ready to break your face into a thousand pieces. Each laced with double bass bombast, bone cracking chords, harsh vocals and tales of Suicide Krew life.

After forming in 1999, Pound For Pound have been working hard to spread their take no shit attitude and bleak outlook on life, complete with a soundtrack of brutal, no nonsense hardcore. Heavy and to the point angst filled music for fans of Agnostic Front, Merauder, Skarhead, 100 Demons, & Sick of it All. The 2nd full length from these Illinois heavyweights and features 11 songs clocking in at almost 28 minutes.

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H2O - Nothing to Prove

This is the This isn't a "comeback" as much as it's a complete and total declaration that H2O never went anywhere and they're better than ever. Produced by Chad Gilbert and Engineered by Paul Miner, H2O Nothing To Prove is 10 songs of exactly what H2O fans have been waiting for-and it's the most urgent and personal album the band has ever made.

1 1995
2 Nothing To Prove
3 A Thin Line
4 Unconditional
5 Still Here
6 Fairweather Friend
7 Heart On My Sleeve
8 Mitts
9 What Happened?

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Friday, 20 June 2008

HAVE HEART - Songs to scream at the sun

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Songs To Scream At The Sun is a landmark for the history of Boston’s prolific hardcore scene. Following their debut that turned them from unsuspecting Boston band into a world touring powerhouse, they are set to break into the next level and cement themselves as a premiere name in hardcore and punk. Have Heart has taken the hardcore genre and redefined what it means to be a hardcore band and they’re geared to leave everyone else in their wake.


1 The Same Son
2 Bostons
3 Pave Paradise
4 On The Bird In The Cage
5 Brotherly Love
6 No Roses, No Skies
7 The Taste Of The Floor
8 Reflections
9 Hard Bark On The Family Tree
10 The Same Sun

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"Fractures" is Killing The Dream's latest full length effort. Over a year in the making, "Fractures" was engineered by J. Robbins at Magpie Studios (Jawbox, Burning Airlines). When vocalist Eli Horner erupts with "...This isn't what I hoped I'd have to say..." in "Part II", listeners hair stands on end. The electrically charged atmosphere he creates with his emotion induces awe. From that point on "Fractures" explodes as a shrapnel filled musical force. Unorthodox heaviness and raw melodies cut and crack the abrasive surface in songs like "Consequence" and "Resolution". While songs like "Holding The Claws" and "Fractures" showcase the band's ongoing creative evolution. Proving that you can progress and mature within the hardcore world, without ever having to leave it behind.

Tracks (click track name for lyrics at
Part II (Motel Art)
Thirty Four Seconds
Consequence (What Comes Next)
Everything But Everything
Hang The Jury
We Were
You're All Welcome
Thirteen Steps
Holding The Claws

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Available on Gatefold color vinyl with awesome artwork. Get on it.

CEREMONY - "He-god-Has Favored our Undertakings" 7"

Ceremony - "He-god-Has Favored our Undertakings" is a two-song 7" ep previewing the title track, which is featured on the upcoming full-length Still Nothing Moves You and the unreleased instrumental "Dogma" on the b-side.

1 - He-god-Has Favored our Undertakings
2 - Dogma

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This ep is available on black and grey vinyl from the B9 store.

THE CARRIER - No love can save me 7"

The Carrier are one of Boston's newest and most interesting hardcore bands. Their brand of powerful melodic hardcore is the next chapter of evolution in their genre. Emoting with a goose-bump inducing fervor unlike any other band out there today.

"No Love Can Save Me" is the newest 7"EP release from The Carrier. Recorded by Jay Maas @ The Getaway Group (Meltdown, Shipwreck a.d.), "No Love Can Save Me" cries out with impassioned vocals and towering guitar melodies that sway and swell before crashing forth with explosive energy. Showing The Carrier at their most emotionally charged, while also hinting at the creative greatness looming close on their horizon.

1 - No. 51
2 - Hello Uncertainty
3 - Epilogue - Forgiveness

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