Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Where it Ends - Resonate CD (2008)

Where It Ends debut EP “Resonate” will undoubtedly make a mark for this up and coming South Carolina straight edge outfit. These hardcore fanatics have perfected a nice blend of 90s hardcore mixed with a modern edge to it. Where It Ends can deliver heavy & aggressive music without being perceived as mindless or dumbed-down. You can hear influences from classic bands like Trial, Strife, & Judge but could still picture them on bills with bands such as Verse, The First Step, & Die Young TX. Guest vocals by Chris McClane from Stretch Arm Strong.

1. Timeline
2. Not Ready
3. Resonate
4. Who Can You Trust
5. Those Were The Days
6. Destroyed By Man
7. Enslaved

Download here - mediafire megaupload

Band Myspace - www.myspace.com/whereitends
Record Label - www.surpriseattackrecords.com
Pick this Bad boy up on CD or Awesome Coloured Vinyl in the Surprise Attacks Webstore.

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