Sunday, 11 May 2008

Verse - Aggression (2008)

Verse Aggression is a rare album. It's not often that hardcore bands will make it to a third full-length, and it's even less common that the third full-length is a band's most desparate and angry album to date. Making their name well known simply by working harder than just about any band in hardcore over the last five years, Aggression is the culmination and intersection of that experience and a wide array of influences. "A New Fury" opens the album with frontman Sean Murphy screaming arrhythmically over the band, and the six and a half minute "Story Of A Free Man" is something very few bands could pull off-a three phase narrative spread over three tracks that play seamlessly together. This album proves that Verse is just getting started.

01. The New Fury
02. Old Guards, New Methods
03. Suffering To Live, Scared To Love
04. Signals
05. Scream
06. Story Of A Free Man, Chapter One: The End Of Innoc
07. Story Of A Free Man, Chapter Two: The Cold Return
08. Story Of A Free Man, Chapter Three: Serenity
09. Blind Salvation
10. Unlearn
11. Earth And Stone
12. Sons And Daughters

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sickr said...

Thanks for this. Just stumbled across your blog whilst searching for this album and can see it's a treasure trove full of great records. Keep up the good work :)